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Welcome to GoPay​

Teach your kids about money with our fintech app! We are a platform that helps you and your kids access financial services, save money, and learn financial skills. You can send money to your kids, set up savings goals, or monitor their spending habits with ease and fun. We are more than just an app. We are a financial companion for your family. Register today and start your financial journey with your kids!

Benefits For Kids

Financial Education Made Fun

Short videos and engaging minigames make learning about money management entertaining and interactive while kids develop essential financial literacy skills and have a great time.

Rewarding Chores and Housework

Kids can earn rewards for completing chores and housework, helping them develop a strong work ethic and financial discipline from an early age.

Custom Card Designs

Kids can express their unique personalities with our customizable card designs.

GoPoints and Rewards

Kids can earn GoPoints, our exclusive loyalty program. Which can be redeemed for discounts, products, or other exciting perks.

Benefits For Parents

Parental Controls and Monitoring

With GoPay, parents have full control and visibility over their child financial activities. They can monitor transactions, set spending limits, and ensure their kids are making responsible financial decisions.

Simplified Allowance Management

Say goodbye to the hassle of managing cash allowances! GoPay allows parents to set up automatic pocket money payments, making it convenient to allocate funds and track their children's spending.

Financial Insights and Analytics

GoPay provides comprehensive spending analytics, allowing parents to understand their children's spending habits and identify areas where financial guidance is needed. This empowers parents to have meaningful discussions with their kids about money management.

Group Expenses Made Easy

Planning a group outing or splitting bills with friends? GoPay simplifies the process by enabling seamless bill splitting, making it effortless for parents to manage group expenses and teach their children about financial cooperation.

Join GoPay today!

And embark on a journey towards financial empowerment for your family. Experience the convenience, security, and educational value of our innovative platform. Together, let’s shape a brighter financial future for the youth of Pakistan.